Black garlic cloves are super-ugly, super-tasty

On the surface, there are similarities – the shapes are identical, there is a strong savory-sweetness akin to that of roasted garlic, and there is a soft, almost spreadable texture that it also like that of roasted garlic.

The actual flavor, though, is quite singular. The main notes are of a rich earthiness that is faintly reminiscent of truffles. As the folks at Frieda’s note, there are also hints of balsamic vinegar, but overall, “it is deliciously difficult to describe.”

It’s so unique that I needed quite a bit of contemplating before I could decide how to eat the pair of bulbs sent my way. First I took the advice of Frieda’s diva Hazel Kelly and paired the black garlic with cream cheese and toast – specifically, crunchy baguette slices with cream cheese, tomatoes and a bit of oregano.

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